If you are a writer or love writing, there are hundreds of opportunities for you to earn by writing. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it has become dangerous for everyone to go out of home. But everything essential for life originates from the outside of the home. Be it to buy groceries or to earn a livelihood, going out of home is inevitable. But, earning a livelihood is something which we can do from our homes as well.

On the other hand, Content Writers are very much in demand. The marketing industry has seen a paradigm shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing. And when it comes to inbound marketing, Content is the King.

In this article, you’ll learn how to earn by writing. In order to get you there, we will be answering these questions :

  • Why choose writing as a career?
  • Which writing style is your cup of tea?
  • How to write your first draft?
  • Where to learn Professional Writing?
  • What is required to write content that sells?
  • Where to find clients for your writings?.

So let us begin without further delay.

Why choose writing as a career?

Content Writing is one of the most in-demand jobs worldwide. When you work online there is no limit to your clientele. They can be anywhere in your vicinity or around the world. There are very few content creators, while the readers are many. Any random person might be searching for something which you’re yet to write. Internet is a vast network with virtually uncountable number of users right at this moment.

When we say there are very few content creators, there is a very well known 1% rule. According to the 1% rule, “For every person who creates content, there are 99 who do not” (Arthur 2006). This gives you a fair advantage. If you want to fish, find a place where no one is fishing and the fishes are many.

The best business is the one which makes money for you even when you are asleep. If you create a blog in a popular niche with visitors swarming in to see what you’ve written, you can earn while sleeping if you run ads on it. When the world has accepted the fact that Content is King, you will soon come to know why is that, once you start writing professionally.

Which writing style is your cup of tea?

There are many styles of writing. We are listing these three to name a few :

  1. Content writing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Screenwriting

Content Writing

Content Writing includes writing blogs, articles, webpage content, etc. The content written under this style is mostly descriptive. The length of the content may vary, but most of your write-ups will be more than 300 words long.


Copywriting is writing the short-form content. It is one of the most difficult types of writing styles. Copywriting includes writing Ad-copies, Social Media Content, Product Copies, etc. Copywriting is very short in length. An average copy is 2-3 sentences long. It captures the attention of a reader for a very short time and in this short time, it has to convince the reader to buy the product. Hence a copy has to be very attractive and nothing but the best.


Screenwriting includes writing scripts for videos. Videos are the hottest form of content for marketing nowadays. They are highly engaging and are thus more able to convert leads into customers. Advertisement industry depends highly on videos for selling purposes. Writing scripts is a very challenging task. One has to keep the audience, their interest and their requirement in mind while writing a script.

How to write your first draft?

Your first draft might be the most difficult thing you will write. Start with writing the outline. Jot down what your heading and subheadings are going to be. The heading is the title of your article, while the subheadings are the titles of the sections of your blog. Once you have written the outline, plan a word count. Search Engine Optimized content should be longer than 300 words. The greater limit can be anywhere you wish.

Where to learn Professional Writing?

To learn anything, you need a teacher. Self-learning is no doubt very effective, but a teacher will tell you their experiences and will teach you accordingly. Experiences are priceless. Dark Room Poets has various online courses for writing. The specific one focussing more on Creative Writing is Unboxing Creative Writing. It includes live mentoring by industry experts and constructive feedback on your write-ups.

Where to find clients for your writings?

Freelancing Websites

Websites like freelancer.com, fiverr.com, upwork.com, etc. are a great opportunity for Creative Writers. You need to place bid on projects posted and once a project is allotted to you, you can start writing and earn thereby.

Social Media Leads

There are pages dedicated to writing on social media platforms like Facebook. On these pages, people with content requirement post their requirement. You need to get in touch with such leads to be awarded a contract.

Companies Looking to hire

There are various job openings for the position of Content Writers, Copywriters, Screenwriters and many more similar roles. You should register on online job portals where recruiters are most possibly looking for you and apply to the job posted. You need to have a Curriculum Vitae or a Resume ready along with a portfolio showcasing your write-ups.


There are many groups on various social media websites which consist of writers mostly, join them. Be in touch with other writers in your area. You may land a writing assignment from your network as well. Being with people of your fraternity is always beneficial, in any field.


Start an online blog by posting your write-ups on a website. This website may be free-hosted or a private domain. A website also helps you market yourselves better. Once you start getting traffic on your website, you may run ads. These ads pay you when clicked by a visitor. This way you can earn even while sleeping, as we have mentioned earlier.

There are endless possibilities in the world of writing. You just need to be ready and updated, always. Writing is a very powerful medium as it has the potential to connect your thoughts to billions of people who are just a click away. Team Dark Room Poets wishes you all the best in your writing endeavour. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.