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The art of oral Urdu storytelling, Dastangoi has two words ‘Dastan’ and ‘Goi’ which means ‘story’ and ‘to tell’ respectively.
Husain Rasheed is the only Dastango in Central India, he weaves research-based narratives on folk tales from around the world.


We believe the poem or not just for poets but for everyone some beautiful songs and some mesmerizing poems coming together to form a perfect blend called Sonetry. This is one of our ways to make poems reach masses.

Curated Performances

Poems, Stories or Music? You say and we will arrange it for you with be best artists ofrom the city. Witness people with a good command over language and stage presence deliver their wonderful content in front of everyone


I have experienced  DRP is a home of inspiration for the budding poets, writers, musicians and singers who are still to see the light of Fame. It is a perfect platform which gives the budding artist a bunch of quality audience to appreciate and admire their works lift them out of their unknown side and expose their art work to the world.

Samit Bhattacharya

Dark Room Poets not only provide platform to upcoming writers and poets but also provide guidance throughout the journey of rhymes.
One of the best thing happened to me is meeting these amazing people who lwlped me discover the poet in me.
From Page To Stage is one of the best examples of their informative and guiding events helping us grow.

Mansi Kukade

DRP has always been something close to my heart. I always felt appreciated and welcomed. Every event has it’s own uniqueness. One of it being Bring Your Own Poet. Dark Room Poets has a big role in my life when it comes to poetry and I’ll be forever grateful to them for connecting me to such an beautiful art form called poetry.

Ritika Gulati


Ab ke bichde toh

shayad kabhi khwabon mein mile,

Jis tarh sukhe hue phool

kitabon mein mile….


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