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In order to build literary culture in cities, Dark Room Poets organizes various events promoting literature, poems, stories and music.


Types Of Events

Poetry In The Park

Read, write and recite pieces of poetical expressions in a beautiful park under a giant tree with like minded people.

Bring Your Own Poet

If you know a friend, a cousin or a distant relative who writes poetry bring them out of houses, offices, chaai tapris, coffee shops, Facebook posts and Instagram stories.
It is time your friend’s poem reached the outside world.

Lafzon Ka Taana Baana

Lafzon Ka Taana Baana is a perfect blend of two words, music and literature. Give your words to a singer/ song writer and watch them make an amazing composition out of it.

Basement Slam

Basement Slam is what DRP is coming up with for all the slam poetry lovers of the city. This event
will not only leave you astound with the magic of words, but will also give you the feel of how a
traditional slam poetry event is conducted.

क se Komedy

A complete show dedicated to Humour and Satire.

क se Komedy will showcase a completely different side of poetry and literature. We have in stock :
– a lot of humorous poems
– some stand-up comedians
– and a few light hearted songs


The first of its kind event in the city of Nagpur. Join us for a lakeside camping adventure along with an evening spending in learning the art of storytelling and free-verse.

Upcoming Events


~ Kahaniya, Nazmein aur Bohot Kuch..

Key Highlights :
– Lakeside Overnight Camping
– Bonfire & Sleep Under The Stars
– Night Jungle Trail
– Meet 30+ Inspiring Artists
– Writing Workshop & Music

The first of its kind event in the city of Nagpur where you join us on 21st December in the afternoon for a lakeside camping adventure along with evening spending in learning the art of storytelling and free-verse from the famous duo Husain Rasheed and Nandini Trivedi.

You also get a chance to meet authors, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs and other people over the bonfire and share stories all night long by the river shining under the moonlight.

Overnight camping in tents, night jungle trail, delicious meals through the day and an early morning riverside trek.


Feedback 101

Dark Room Poets invites you to ‘Feedback 1O1’. An evening where you share your heart out (poetry) and gain insight about your poem. Have a one-on-one discussion with poet/educator, Babar Shareef and Supantha Bhattacharya. Discuss the topics you need to know about writing, revising and editing your work. Learning from other’s experience is an effective way of growth, listen to different feedback people get on their poems and try to build a castle of your own thoughts.

Supantha Bhattacharya, an Associate Professor at Hislop College is a versatile theater artist, screenplay writer and director. He has a flair for poetry and literature. He is also one of the renowned people of Nagpur who are a regular face in the daily news.

Babar Shareef has a penchant for poetries and literature.He is a writer of two Ghazals for Album “Huzoor” released by SONY DADC music company 2016. He has won many literally awards like “Bharosa” (One Act Play) , Maharashtra State Urdu Sahitya Academy, Mumbai and more.



The first of its kind Storytelling Workshop and Performance Event! It will be a mix of some fictional and modern life stories which will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions.

‘Storytelling Workshop’
You will enter with a bag of thoughts and leave with compelling stories. 
Do you know who’s the mentor? None other than Mohammed Sadriwala, one of the most loved and celebrated Storyteller and Poet across India.

Key takeaways from the workshop :
– Mind-mapping of the story
– Character plotting on story line
– Climax & conflict resolution
– Enhancing stage performance

‘Storytelling Event’
Mohammed Sadriwala would be sharing some of his heart throbbing stories.

Key takeaways from the event :
– Smiles, giggles and laughter 
– Tales worth sharing with others
– Memories drenched in emotions
– Perfect end to a Sunday






I grew up with a positive aura consistently attracting negative people towards me. It was then at a moment I felt and experienced the power of words, its healing and dealing abilities, and so came a point when Dark Room Poets provided me the stage from where I turned out to be a poet, choosing one favorite event out of everything is a bit difficult but still to mention “ क se comedy” was appreciative, simply, defining a moto about importance of laughter in stressed life.

Rishikesh Sahare

Dark Room Poets? I still think why they call themselves as a poetry community? They are something more than that, they are a family! A growing one. A family which is teaching and promoting literature, poems, stories and giving a stage to some special talents. Spending time with these people is always fun, you not only enjoy but learn along as well. If I’ve to mention any one of their amazing events then it’s hard to decide but Poetry In The Park is the best one could be a part of!

Divyanshu Chouksey

I have attended Dastangoi and Poetry House Parties by DRP. They have an amazing ambiance and people attending the events are very warm and friendly. Their sessions are curated with purity and ease. The first-timers, amateurs & the connoisseurs all feel at home. All this always ensures we look forward to the next ‘notification’ from DRP…always. Dark Room Poets, contrary to its name lights up the rooms within all of us. May your flame, flame many flames.

Deepshikha Sarda

Ab ke bichde toh

shayad kabhi khwabon mein mile,

Jis tarh sukhe hue phool

kitabon meain mile….


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