Unboxing Humor Writing


Great for Writing & Public Speaking: Learn the Techniques Professional Humorists Use to Create Consistently Funny Comedy.

A man walks into a bookstore. “Where’s the self-help section?” he asks the clerk. She shrugs and replies, “If I tell you, won’t that defeat the purpose?”

It may sound funny, but it’s true: Humor is a great way to hook readers, no matter the subject.

Discover the techniques professional writers use to write consistently funny material. You’ll learn how to think, write, speak, and be funnier because contrary to popular belief, humor writing is a skill anyone can develop.

Humor is an integral part of our everyday interactions, whether we’re trying to navigate a bookstore, make conversation with the barista at our favorite coffee shop, or talk a police officer out of a ticket. Our inherent desire to laugh motivates us to share funny YouTube videos and respond to text messages with an LOL or the iconic smiley face. Many of us even choose to get our daily news with a heaping side order of comedy from outlets like “The Daily Show,” “The Colbert Report” or a few MEME Pages on Instagram. When push comes to punch, we’d rather laugh than lie face down, weeping into the carpet. So in this course we are going to learn how to write better nonfiction simply by lightening the mood.

Whatever you write, be it blogs, travel writing, office memos or even ads – you will be able to infuse more laughter into your work. You will also keep your audience awake and riveted when you’re on stage, and that is a wildly useful trick!

What you will learn?
Master the techniques professional humorists and comedy writers use to create consistently hilarious material
Learn how to observe comedic masters and learn from what they do.
Learn how to find humor in nearly any situation
Learn how humor can be used in nearly any form of writing or presentation to make it more captivating.

Who this course is for:
Writers in all genres — with the possible exception of obituaries.
Public speakers, presenters, and anyone who talks to audiences.
Aspiring stand-up comedians.
Extremely intelligent llamas
People who want to be funnier

This course includes:
4 Learning Modules
8 Lessons
– Full Lifetime access
Access on Mobile
Certificate of completion

Course Details:
Learn: Beginner
When: All time access
Duration: Self-placed, 21 days