Unboxing Play Writing


“The act of playwriting feeds the soul unlike anything else in the theatre arts.”

Whether it was written last week or a hundred years ago, a playwright’s work is the source of all that happens on stage. The playwright or drama writer creates a make-believe world in which the audience can learn, be engaged and entertained.

This is a comprehensive course designed to teach aspiring playwrights the methods and skills necessary to create their own plays from idea inception through polished final draft execution. If you follow this course through from beginning to end and execute all of the readings and exercises, you will be armed with the tools necessary to transform yourself into a playwright of note while becoming a better writer.

How does one go about writing for the theatre? While there is no right or wrong way, certain key and vital elements are needed in writing a play. We will be taking a leap into the world of Drama. Working on the building blocks of the plot, character development, on-screen & off-screen nuances and narratives. We will be discussing a few live examples, reading other plays will help you learn the craft of writing plays.

This course is powered by the community and you guys will be running the show. The more engaged you are as a learner, the more powerful your learning experience will be.

What will you learn?
The different types of stages and how to account for them in your writing
Three models for creating compelling characters
About four different play structures & which to use for your play
A guideline of events that occur in a play’s beginning, middle, and ending
The three “levels” of dialogue and how to use it to improve your story
How to format a play correctly
What to do next after you’ve finished writing a play.

Who this course is for:
For writers of all levels looking to learn the basics of writing for the stage.
Guides students through the process of writing a play from start to finish.
Discover the basics of the stage, the structure of a play, the proper format for your work, and how to prepare it for submission.

This course includes:
 3 Learning Modules
6 lessons
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile
Certificate of completion

Course Details:
– Level: Beginner
– When: All time access
– Duration: Self-placed, 15 days