Unboxing Poetry Crash Course


This is a fun course that is designed to get YOU excited about creating your own poetry!

You will be introduced to the world of poetry. You will also learn the various forms of poems in English, Hindi and Urdu be it Sonnets, Haikus, Hindi Ghazal, Urdu Ghazal and many more!

Writing techniques, literary devices, rhythmic patterns and rhyming schemes will be covered to help you discover, perfect, and share your own unique writer’s voice.

You ever wonder how to get out of Writer’s Block? Yes? Then this course is perfect for you! Here you will learn how to look for inspiration from the smallest, most mundane everyday things which will help you write better poetry.

What you will learn?
Learn the different forms of poems in English, Urdu and Hindi
Literary devices in poetry writing
What is abstract and concrete imagery
Rhythmic patterns and rhyming schemes
How to overcome writer’s block

Who this course is for:
EVERYONE with a creative streak and a nagging desire to write poems
ANYONE who is experiencing Writer’s Block
Poets who want to learn new forms of writing

This course includes:
2 Learning Modules
4 lessons
A writing assignment aligned with one on feedback from the mentor
Peer review
Quizzes are designed to reinforce the major concepts discussed in the class
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile
– Certificate of completion

Course Details:
Mentor: Husain Rasheed (Founder Dark Room Poets, Poet, Lyricist)
Level: Beginner
When: All time access
Duration: 7 days