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Joining this course was one of the amazing decisions I’ve ever made. Now I know how to read and what to write.

While reading now I understand the gist and I’m also able to derive different perspectives of it. This course provide the perfect guidance to that aspect.

While writing now I can I can distinguish if it is a nazm or a sher. It has helped to be little more technically sound. Unboxing Poetry is a perfect guide for poets to better their skills and indeed was worth it.

Deepshikha Sarda

The first of its kind poetry writing workshop I’d heard of and attended. It gave me a new dimension to look at Language. That it is not just about a language with a great poetic expression, but also a constantly evolving canvas painted with strokes of history, geography, culture and tradition. A sher I wrote which I feel fits into an appropriate Behr and meter is:

maine sabr rakkhaa tha

waqt uthaa kar le gaya

Swaroop Bhartiya

We have been to various events by Dark Room Poets like Dastaangoi, Poetry sessions and Writing Workshops. They makes the art seem a part of audience as much as the artists. Sessions are curated with purity & ease. The first timers, amateurs & the connoisseurs all feel at home. All this always ensures we look forward to the next ‘notification’ from DRP…always.

Dark Room Poets, contrary to its name lights up the rooms within all of us. May your flame, flame many flames. 

Avanti Tohare

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Hussain Rasheed
Hussain Rasheed

Ab ke bichde toh

shayad kabhi khwabon mein mile,

Jis tarh sukhe hue phool

kitabon mein mile….



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