Literature is not just something we relish in our leisure, it is much more than that. We all have learnt languages by means of it. Learnt various emotions, expressions and solutions to numerous problems by the virtue of it. Most of us love to indulge in a literary experience, be it reading Fiction/Non-fiction, Poetries, Short Stories or attending Mushairas, Kavi-sammelans, Storytelling, and whatnot! Even our music and visual entertainment industry completely depends on literature for its creativity.


Dark Room Poets is a platform completely dedicated to literature. It is a community platform for poets, writers and storytellers across India, with a mission to unveil unknown artists hidden in the dark. It is Central India’s first literature-based startup with a nationwide presence across 11 cities. 

Team Dark Room Poets consists of 14 people as of now, out of which 3 are the core members and 11 are the community leads in 11 cities. DRP is a humble recipient of an honorary award from S.F.M Society and Ministry of Culture, Government of India for its outstanding work towards promoting literature.


Dark Room Poets mines for artists hidden across India and nurtures them into Literary Stars. It holds various courses and workshops for Poetry Writing, Story Writing, Podcasting and Creative Writing from time to time. Renowned artists of Urdu, Hindi and English Literature and established professionals in the industry are invited to coach the participants in these workshops. ‘Toh Ek Baar Hua Yun’ and ‘Feedback 1o1’ are amongst the most popular workshops conducted by DRP. Popular courses organised by DRP include ‘Unboxing Poetry’ and ‘Unboxing Creative Writing’. These events are held both online and offline. DRP has been mentors and inspiration for numerous poets and writers, who went on to become influencers in the world of performing arts and social media.

They host a range of exclusive events for connoisseurs of literature. DRP’s signature Poetry House Party (PHP) is known across the nation to mesmerize poetry buffs into literary intoxication. PHPs are revised versions of the traditional Kavi-Sammelans and Mushairas. Cherished by youngsters and elders alike, DRP is known to create enchanting and memorable experiences in these PHPs, which are remembered and recounted time and again.


There are many events organised by DRP for literature enthusiasts. These events are adored, cherished and loved by elders and youngsters alike. Apart from entertainment, these events also give a chance for the participants to introspect and relish literary pleasure. It’s not us DRP saying this, but thousands of people who have attended various events organised by the Dark Room Poets.

Poetry House Party

Poetry House Parties are the signature events of Dark Room Poets. It is held in 11 cities across the nation. It begins with an informal introduction of the attendees and courses towards a crescendo of poetry intoxication. It also has a featured poet and a featured musician which act as a cherry on the top of the cake. A party is never called as a party without food! Yes, these parties have lip-smacking food to share too.

Poetry in the Park

Poetry in the park, as the name suggests, is held in a park in the company of dear nature under a giant tree. Poets and literature enthusiasts from the city attend the event which is usually held in the mornings. Attendees of this event read, write and recite poetries and enjoy the literary bliss with the cool and fresh air of the morning.

Bring Your Own Poet

This event includes attendees bringing their poet friend, relative or colleague to the poetry event in order to encourage them to overcome their shyness. This is one of a kind event where aspiring poets get much-needed attention and an opportunity to hone their poetic skills. It is an excellent opportunity to know one’s weaknesses and strengths in poetry writing.


Dastangoi is an Urdu storytelling event. ‘Dastan’ in Urdu means a story and ‘Goi’ means ‘to tell’. Husain Rasheed, the founder of Dark Room Poets is the only Dastangoi in Central India. He takes the audience on a virtual journey by weaving research-based narratives on folklores from around the world.

Lafzon Ka Taana Baana

Lafzon ka Taana Baana is a very creative kind of event where the attendees get to witness the best of both music and literature. The attendees of this event give their words to singer/songwriter, who in turn make an amazing composition out of it.

Basement Slam

This event is an open mic event. Participants recite their poetries in front of the audience. These events are known to astound the attendees with the magic of literature and give an idea of how a traditional poetry event is conducted.

K Se Komedy

K Se Komedy, as the name suggests, is an event completely dedicated to Humour and Satire. It showcases a completely different side of poetry and literature. It includes a lot of humorous poems, stand-up comedy performances and a few light-hearted songs.


Safarnama is a destination poetry event which is kind of a creative retreat, taking you to places in order to escape the creative block which many artists experience. It is held at exotic locations and includes lakeside campings and a lot of lessons on the art of storytelling and free verse. Many stories are told and memories are made around the campfire in this literary event.

Online Courses

Apart from these events, being a literary school DRP also promotes literary training (courses and workshops) for aspiring artists across the nation. These workshops are held both online and offline. During the COVID-19 period, all the workshops and courses are being conducted online. Also, the Poetry House Parties are held virtually.

This course reveals the fundamentals of poetry writing while allowing attendees to practice and master the art of writing poems. The length of online workshop is 5 weeks and each week offers key insights on these following topics :

  • Introduction To Poetry
  • Using Correct Poetic Devices
  • Pleasure of Sound
  • Art of Editing & Performance
  • How to market yourself?
Batch 3 image

This course focuses on the concepts of poetry writing, plot and character development. It focuses more on blogging and podcasting while making its attendees digital-ready by offering guidance on creating a portfolio and discovering a roadmap to success and growth prospects. This course has four modules, they are as follows :

  • Poetry Writing
  • Short-Story Writing
  • Writing For Web
  • Creating a Portfolio



    Feedback 101

    This event is a very unique event where poets perform their poetries and get insights about them from experts in the domain. The best part about Feedback 101 is that the participants get to interact with the experts one on one. Poets across the nation are looking for and in dire need of constructive critique and honest feedback on their work.

    Toh Ek Baar Hua Yun

    This is a first of its kind Storytelling Workshop and Performance event. It is an amalgamation of fictional and non-fictional storytelling performances and live tutorials. Renowned artists are invited as faculties in these events and the participants get to learn the secrets of storytelling from these artists.

    August Wilhelm von Schlegel has rightly said that “Literature is the immortality of speech”, indeed it is! Literature has the power to make the creator immortal in the pages of history. And Dark Room Poets is committed to delivering the best literary and learning experience to all those who are willing to join it in their literary journey. Be a part of this community by enrolling in one of its courses or events.